Remote access capabilities are not just limited to employees, contractors, and partners who work away from Durham. Local users also rely on Remote Access when they are at home or traveling. Whenever you are away from a DCRI/Duke facility, you can use your own personal Windows computer to log on to the DCRI network—to access the DCRI Intranet, network drives, internal applications such as Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Time Card, secure SharePoint sites, or your DCRI-issued desktop computer at your work desk—by using a DCRIconnect application (see more at When You Need Remote Access).

The DCRI provides two web-based applications for secure Remote Access to network resources:

  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • iDCRI, also called Citrix

Both are browser-based applications that require you to log on by entering your NetID and your network password.

  Cisco AnyConnect iDCRI
Also called: Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, or
Duke Medicine VPN
Type of application: Desktop application Browser-based web app
Managed by: Duke Health Technology SolutionsDCRI IT
Description: Provides a virtual private network (VPN) connection so you can access:
  • The DCRI Intranet and other Duke/DCRI websites.
  • Internal web apps such as the Duke Learning Management System [LMS].
  • Secure SharePoint sites.
  • A Virtual Machine (VM) or the Desktop of a DCRI-issued Windows computer you use at your desk in a DCRI facililty. This includes access to folders (where you are permitted) on network drives.
Enables you to:
  • Use certain DCRI-standard applications.
  • Change your network password.
  • Access the DCRI Intranet, Duke/DCRI websites, secure SharePoint sites, and internal web apps.
  • Explore folders (where you are permitted) on network drives.
  • (If you have Remote Desktop Connection available in iDCRI) Remotely access the Desktop of the DCRI-issued Windows computer you use at your desk in a DCRI facility.
Because of its higher performance, prefer this application over iDCRI/Citrix. Use as a backup to AnyConnect—or when you need to access applications or the password change feature.
Sample of user interface:


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DCRIconnect User Guide Last updated: March 10, 2016
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