Review the following recommendations before contacting the DCRI Service Desk for assistance.

I am having trouble: Recommendations:
Logging on to the system

Passwords are case sensitive.

Attempting to connect with a home wireless network
Microsoft provides limited guidance at:
Otherwise, contact: (1) customer support representatives for the computer or network hardware vendor; or (2) an independent computer support specialist.
Starting applications
  • If applications do not open in Internet Explorer and you view a icon at the right-hand end of the Address bar, then click the icon and, in the popup menu, select Always allow plug-ins on
  • If applications do not open in Firefox, ensure the Citrix plugin is set to Always activate.
  • If an application appears to be frozen as it opens, It is possible for a plug-in dialog to be located behind other windows. It can be that the system is waiting for you to click in a plug-in dialog that is currently hidden from your view.
Connecting to my DCRI computer

Your DCRI computer may be powered off at your desk. During office hours, contact a co-worker to confirm that your DCRI computer is powered on.

Avoiding being dropped every fifteen minutes If your connection has been idle for fifteen minutes, the system sends you warning messages, and then ends your session. Working inside a document, spreadsheet, or similar file does not interact with the server (where "idleness" is detected) until you do a save, save as, delete (a file/folder), search (for file), open, or other file-level command. Thus, to keep your connection active, get in the habit of saving your work every few minutes.
Accessing iDCRI or staying connected or experiencing poor performance
  • Go to any other website and see how operating performance is at that location. If the performance improves, there may be intermittent technical issues with the iDCRI application or server. Either try again at a later time or use Cisco AnyConnect.
  • if you are also having problems with iDCRI, reboot the cable modem/router for your home network. If the problem persists, there may be issues in the state of the Internet between your remote computer and the DCRI. Either try again later or contact your Internet Service Provider.
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